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  1. 2011 was just a roller coaster ride for me more than any other year i think. 2011 brought me lots of happiness, and some amount of sorrow but everything that sorrow brought was for a good reason that led me to more happiness. I thank 2011 for bringing what it did to my life, I was able to grow as a person, grow as a girlfriend, grow as a friend , grow as a daughter and sister.2011 got me a job, a real job something that isn’t paid under the table, its an actual company. I love my new job, I hope i can still work there for a while to come.

    2012 I hope its also another roller coaster, but not as shaky as last year. I hope that I will maintain employed, that my relationship gets better with everyone (friends, family, and boyfriend). I hope that lots of happiness comes my way and for the people around me.

    1. alyehs posted this

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