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  1. Lately, I’ve felt like I dont belong anywhere anymore. my apartment doesnt feel like a homey environment, it feels like a prison cell that I go to sleep at. There’s such coldness that I feel like i’m only a nuisance to the people that I live with,even though I live here too. There’s just moments where coming home isnt like a desire anymore.

    Then there’s the issues with my boyfriend that things arent making sense between us, but like he said “its because of yesterday, and it’s still in your head”. So he’s right…things will get better between us.

    Now, school is getting so much harder, only because it’s getting so much busier for me. I am having less and less time to “do things”, and it’s going to require much of my effort, so that I can at least get somewhere in life. As of now, it feels like I will not get anywhere because I “screwed” up my first two years of college, even though I tried really hard, maybe not my fullest, like I should have but I still tried really hard, and now it’s my third year. And basically I’m just screwed beyond belief. But what else can I do but keep trying.

    Then another thing, why are people so fake? being fake is something that shouldnt be done, people tend to like people more when they get to see who they really are. I hate having people tell me how to act in order to fit in with them. This is why i think I dont feel comfortable around some people anymore and its making my life a lot harder

    Let’s see what happens later on….

    1. alyehs posted this

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